Thursday, January 16, 2014


My spanish class is coming to an end with the semester, and i would like to share my expirience with this class. The assignment with the llorona was my favorite part of this semester, we had to make up a story about a ghost of a lady and scare people by taking there kids and drowning them. i liked this assignment b/c my story was told to me by my uncle, so i felt like i was my culture with my friends. The most challenging thing i had to do in this class, being a native speaker, was when i waked into class and Sra.Rossell going over accent marks. i felt like saying i had walking into the wrong class and going to the library and just "read" a book but being me i had to say "No Manches!" accent marks will be a goal to achieve this year! In my portfolio i could have done more to improve it, improve it by actually having things in order and keeping all my assignment, c'mon you know you've done the same once in your life time! don't jude me haha :D I love my class and hope I  can get more out of it.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Me llamo Jimmy, este blog lo hago porque quiero enseñar el mundo lo que hacemos en la clase de español.